NanoPure Technology


Nanotechnology is our core activity and first technology and business concept that become a corner stone for establishing nanopure and later on its subsidiary NanoWave. Novel manufacturing technology developed and patented by NanoWave has significant advantages over traditional chemical nanoparticle synthesis. It is low cost method with very high efficiency and precision of produced material. NanoWave is offering off the shelf high quality silver nanoparticles with proven antimicrobial activity at affordable price for the industry and the academia. NanoWave is not only developing high quality silver, copper, gold, platinum colloids but is actively working with business partners on extension of value chain in the field of:

  • Nanosilver additives for detergents, paints and plasters preventing from mold and bacteria.
  • Nanosilver and nanocopper based coatings for construction industry preventing form biological erosion (molds, algae, moss).
  • Nanosilver based hydrophobic coatings for textile treatment and impregnation preventing from stains and microbial contamination ensuring long lasting hygiene and lower cleaning cost.
  • Biocidal and biostatic additives for plastic resins and powder paints.
  • Nanosilver and nanogold based inks for printing microelectronic circuits.

Polymer Technology

NanoPure in it’s portfolio has also polymer synthesis technology that due to uniquely designed co-polymerisation process enables to achieve conductive polymer hybrid compounds that characterizes with much lower cost. That opens new application opportunities in various industries.
NanoPure is developing products based on different types of polymer compound for coating industry and is also researching for new products for plastics, resins and composites.

  • POLYCOR™ – Active Polymer Corrosion Inhibitors is a ​​product family​ that NanoPure is planning to develop​ as ​​anticorrosion additive for different types of paints. Its superiority over standard anticorrosion additives like zinc phosphate has been proven in series of tests​ during basic research including ​laboratory salt chambers​ test.
  • POLYSTAT™ – Anti-Static Polymer Additive is a ​​product family​ that NanoPure is planning to develop as a plastic or epoxy resin additive that provides conductive properties enabling powder painting or providing antistatic properties for any kind of electrostatic discharge protection.