For investors

The current business model of NanoPure assumes close cooperation with investors and business partners who share our enthusiasm for innovative and forward-looking material engineering and chemistry.

NanoPure is in prototyping phase. It opens up a number of opportunities for collaboration and co-creation of products that may use developed by NanoPure conductive polymers and nanotechnology. We want to unleash the potential of our technology to co-create the most interesting projects and the most innovative products at the same time. Our team is ready to cooperate with major global brands, whose investment potential allows intensive development and implementation.

Cooperation in the creation of products is an opportunity to build a strong competitive advantage in the research and development phase and the use of its power at the implementation stage. Investment in the development of our technology provides an opportunity to co-create innovative products and priority in their licensing as well.

We invite you to cooperation. We are open to any suggestions of products for prototyping and prepared to accomplish even the most courageous projects.