About us

NanoPure has been established to develop and commercialize novel and revolutionary technologies in the field of chemistry and advanced material engineering. NanoPure core competencies lay in cooperation with top universities and institutes on finding breakthrough ideas with commercial potential, technology innovations market knowledge, building business models based on innovations, creativity in solution design and R&D project management.

Current nanopure product and technology portfolio contains:


NanoPure Sp. z o.o. develops the project ‘Development of formulations and technology of industrial synthesis of the polymer, environmentally friendly anti-corrosion pigment, having improved efficiency for use in organic protective coatings’ as part of action 1.1 “Enterprise R&D projects” sub-action 1.1.1 “Industrial research and development activities carried out by enterprises” of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, co-financed by the funds from the European Regional Development Fund.

The project aims to develop formulations and technology of industrial synthesis of innovative active anticorrosive pigments based on hybrid compounds of polyaniline with increased effectiveness of the protection in comparison to currently used pigments based on zinc phosphate.

The project result will be a product innovation on a global scale (production of anticorrosive pigments with new properties) and a process innovation (pigments on the basis of self-developed technology).

Project value: 8 329 859,86 zł

European Funds contribution: 5 741 299,36 zł