Establishing cooperation between NanoPure and EIT+ Wroclaw Research Centre

On 19 October 2016 NanoPure Technologies established cooperation with EIT+ Wroclaw Research Centre. As a part of cooperation NanoPure will locate its R&D Department on EIT+ Campus on Stabłowicka 147 Street in Wrocław.

For NanoPure a cooperation witg EIT+ is a ability to access newest laboratory equipment and infrastructure, that is necessary during the research.

EIT+ Wroclaw Research Centre has the most complex infrastructure in Central-East Europe (over 23 000 m2 of laboratory area) equipped with high-tech laboratory equipment. It allows conducting research for the needs and in cooperation with the industry, including fundamental research. EIT+ persistently introduces the idea of cooperation between scientists from different scientific disciplines, based on research potential, both Wroclaw’s and Polish scientific community.


EIT+ Wrocławskie Centrum Badań